Klicktipp Partner Program Price, Uses and Alternative

Klicktipp Partner Program

What Is KlickTipp ?

KlickTipp provides email marketing assistance to businesses. SMEs who want to use templates and automation for their newsletters are the target audience in particular. Database graphics can be used to enhance emails with the goal of motivating recipients to act more. Workloads are reduced as a result, particularly when it comes to email lists. These are swapped out with tags made to make handling easier using KlickTipp.

klicktipp partner program

Who Makes Use of KlickTipp?

Businesses can use KlickTipp, an email marketing platform, to organize and optimize their SMS and email marketing campaigns. KlickTipp employs artificial intelligence (AI) among other things.

Klicktipp Partner Program

The KlickTipp features center on email as a medium for promotion. For instance, a lot of businesses utilize newsletters to promote their goods and services and drive visitors to their websites. Many tasks are automated by KlickTipp to reduce worker workloads in the relevant business divisions. The 350 email design templates that are available can be used to produce emails and newsletters. Users can also create their email content using an image editor and choose from 500 000 stock photographs. The application is connected with this editor.

The fact that KlickTipp does not require the use of email lists is one of its unique features. These days, tags or smart tags take their place. This simplifies managing a high number of contacts. A virtual name tag is applied to contacts, allowing for filtered searches. These characteristics are used by KlickTipp to expedite the email marketing process.

Only contacts for whom the content is truly relevant will receive an email since contacts are chosen based on tags. One of the main features of this application is the KlickTipp ContactCloud, where addresses are managed online.

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klicktipp partner program

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